Create and develop products from ideas through a process that leads to new products.

Industrial design

Design functional manufacturable products that can be manufactured industrially in mass or serial production.

  Visualizing and presenting designs for assessment with the customer..

  Creatieve innovative design solutions.

  Guidance through the entire process.

Jewelry design

  Thanks to the 3D (wax) printing it is possible to cast jewelry into a mold in the metal your choose.

  Photorealistic 3d modeling of beautiful jewelry.

  Impressive designs tailor-made for you.

   Professional service for companies and individuals.



Fashion & Accessories

Photo-realistic representation of fashion designs is faster, more sustainable and cheaper for the fashion industry.

  Virtual prototypes and photo-realistic representation of fashion designs.

  Specialized in digitizing the creative design process.

  Patterns, branding and labeling can be applied.


Information & Credits

Photorealistic representation of your concept to a final 3D printed prototype.

If you have any requests, please feel free to contact the studio at any time.



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